Found footage movies; some movie-goers can't live with them, most can't live without them. Ever since 'Paranormal Activity' restarted the fire in Hollywood, studios are still some-what hellbent on trying to cash in on the latest cinematic fad. In enters 'The Reawakening,' yet another Frankenstein project with a twist that just got the green light.

What immediately makes this story more curious is that 'V/H/S' directors Tyler Gillet, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Justin Martinez and Chad Villella (Radio Silence) are already tapped to take on the project, says Vulture. The quartet is already a perfect fit for the production, especially since 'V/H/S' is a found footage movie just like 'The Reawakening' will be.

That's right, this is a found footage Frankenstein movie.

The script was written by Luke Dawson ('Shutter') and currently doesn't have a set date to begin filming. The most intriguing part about all of this is not only how they're taking advantage of the found footage fad, but how they're doubling it up with Frankenstein. 'I, Frankenstein' is currently filming with Aaron Eckhart starring as Frankenstein's monster and there are at least a couple more Frankenstein-related projects simmering in development or in pre-production.

It's frustrating to see several production companies all trying to have their movie make it to the screen first. We've already seen this happen before with plenty of other movies, and are watching it all unfold again with 'Mirror Mirror' and 'Snow White and the Huntsman.'