It's been a rocky road for casting the perfect male lead in 'Motor City.' There's already been two high profile actors who've already dropped off of the production. Now they're looking to wrangle in actor Gerard Butler. Help us Gerard Butler, you're Albert Hughes' only hope.

Warner Bros and Dark Castle Entertainment have been searching for the right lead actor for their action-thriller 'Motor City,' but the last couple of times they chose somebody they slipped right through their fingers. Dominic Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal were both in the running to take on the lead role but both ended up leaving the production due to scheduling issues. It's not like they didn't love the story, it's just that they didn't have the time to do it.

Variety reports that now they have their sights set on Gerard Butler to be the final piece fit into their casting puzzle as he begins negotiations to be part of the production. Here's hoping that this actor has a bit more room than the previous two to fit 'Motor City' into his schedule.

The last movie that Albert Hughes help direct alongside his brother was 'The Book of Eli.' He's an experienced director who can definitely deliver on the action front, and since Gerard Butler is known for playing more physical roles such as '300,' the two seem to be a perfect fit.