GIF Recap: 'Thor 2' Trailer, 'X-Men,' Dragons and 'Iron Man 3'

Marvel (2)/HBO

For all of you who find it difficult giving your undivided attention to movie news, here's a quick rundown of some of the major happenings from the past week...through GIFs -- because GIFs are awesome and it'll give us a chance to express some things that went unsaid. 

This week was Thor's Week, having seen a couple NEW PICS and -- drum roll, please -- the FIRST TRAILER, which on it's own makes the first film seem lamer than we remember -- especially when this happened...

...and this...

...which made me all like...

Thor 2 Trailer Reaction

What didn't get that reaction, however, was our FIRST LOOK at one of my all-time favorite X-Men, Storm, in Bryan Singer's 'Days of Future Past.' I was hoping to see something like this...

X-Men Storm GIF

...but instead we got this...

Bryan Singer, Twitter

...and I was all like...

If that wasn't bad enough, this week I saw Ryan Lochte's new reality series, which featured some scenes like this...

Ryan Lochte GIF

Ryan Lochte GIF 2

And he said that his favorite movie was...

Ryan Lochte GIF 4

...which made me go...

Star Trek Into Darkness GIF

Harrison Ford GIF

And then he actually said...

Ryan Lochte GIF

Ryan Lochte GIF

My response:

Game of Thrones GIF 1

Game of Thrones GIF 2

Game of Thrones GIF 3

Fortunately, we got a NEW TRAILER for Sofia Coppola's 'The Bling Ring' to take our minds off this tragedy. We got to see Emma Watson once again be all...

Bling Ring GIF

...and still my first reaction was...

Hermione GIF

...but afterwards, I was like...

Jennifer Aniston GIF

But really, the high point of the week for some was the 'Iron Man 3' premiere. Though it doesn't hit theaters until May 3, the cast and crew hit the red carpet, during which time one of Robert Downey Jr.'s co-stars had this to say about him:

Robert Downey Jr. GIF which, we responded:

Robert Downey Jr. GIF

Robert Downey Jr. GIF

Robert Downey Jr. GIF

Robert Downey Jr. GIF

Robert Downey Jr. GIF

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