'Godzilla' Artwork Reveals the Monster That Could Have Been

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This weekend 'Godzilla' stomps into theaters and it looks like it's going to be a -- yes -- monster hit. As the creature is sixty years old, it's no surprise it's had a lot of work done on its face, as almost every film starring the fire-breather has offered a new design for the character. And now the new Gareth Edwards version has revealed some of the unused artwork they used to reconceive Godzilla.

The design is set on a basic level, but it seems that they started by looking at what Godzilla mutated from. They tried designs that tied him closer to dragons, lizards and fish, while also playing around with his coloration, and what sort of scales he might have.Even though Godzilla is a well known creature, there's lot of room to change the design, especially now that the character isn't played by a man in suit. The end result is something familiar but just different enough.

This artwork is available in the book 'Godzilla: The Art of Destruction' (which is now on sale), and even more artwork can found on io9, including their exclusive look at some of Eddie Del Rio's designs, but here's a gallery from the book of alternate Godzillas.

Insight Editions
Insight Editions
Insight Editions
Insight Editions
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