Gaspar Noe makes it onto the list again with his self-described "psychedelic melodrama" about a young man named Oscar who is shot and killed by the police, but continues to observe life after death, floating above and watching lives as they carry on without him. Much of the film is bright and neon-colored, with a very confrontational and memorable opening involving heavy use of strobe flashes; the film notably carried a seizure warning after inducing seizures in a few viewers. There's tons of disorienting first person point-of-view footage, hallucinatory sequences, and graphic sex scenes, including a scene in which Oscar enters the body of his friend Alex, who is having sex with Oscar's sister, Linda. During the scene, Oscar travels through Alex's body into his sister's own birth canal and travels with the semen as it impregnates his sister. And that's not even the half of it.