Though the film isn't due out until June 14, 2013, that doesn't mean we won't get a steady stream of promotional material for Zack Snyder's  'Man of Steel' until it comes out. It's only fair: they've been shooting since August of 2011 and, with shooting scheduled to finish in February, they should be in post-production now. It's been quiet on the 'Man of Steel' front but now we have a new image from the film  - a banner showing off the new Superman's shield.

This comes from the film's Facebook page, which will  be launching more images and tidbits from here until the film's release.

This also means that the marketing team is starting to build up some steam, as this is the first official logo. And since the film is mostly in the can (though I'm sure they'll be reshoots of some kind as they have the time), you might want to put money on a trailer launch with the release of Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

In fact if they don't put a trailer on that film it would because they decided to launch it earlier (perhaps as early as 'The Avengers'), or because the film is still in flux. I mean, how do you not at least have a teaser ready for 'Dark Knight Rises'? As Vizzini would say, it's inconceivable.

Here's the new shield, which you can click to see in all it's hi-res glory: