The Indiana Jones Cartoon That Never Happened (But Still Might)

Lucasfilm/Patrick Schoenmaker

You can relive the complete adventures of Indiana Jones on the new Blu-ray box-set titled 'The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones' (ahem), did you know that in addition to those films, we almost had an Indiana Jones cartoon? And, God willing, it could still happen?

Back in February, artist Patrick Schoenmaker was commissioned by Lucasfilm to create the above print plus a series of illustrations for a new set of trading cards all based on an animated take on Indiana Jones. Lucasfilm sold the print online but Schoenmaker had the itch; he actually wanted to make this project for real.

So though Lucasfilm wouldn't give Schoenmaker the official go-ahead to work on an animated Indiana Jones, he's moving ahead anyway, working on an unofficial video (likely with the hopes he can use that video to pitch Lucasfilm again).

Below you can see some designs Schoenmaker previously made plus a bonus few seconds of test footage from the upcoming video. The Indiana Jones cartoon still may never happen but we'd much prefer this to a sequel to 'The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'...

Patrick Schoenmaker
Patrick Schoenmaker
Patrick Schoenmaker
Patrick Schoenmaker
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