I genuinely hope to see Jason Statham’s action movie career remain on the upswing, and would highly enjoy seeing him rise up this list. He is certainly the torchbearer for today’s modern American action cinema.

While guys like Van Damme and Lundgren are mostly releasing DTV titles, Statham is still up on the big screen and appealing to younger generations as well as “the ladies." I just can’t justify placing him higher on the list because so many of his actioners feel so slick and generic.

I love him as a lead, but when ‘The Transporter’ is your most well known franchise… Let’s just say I would like to see more ‘Snatch'/'The Italian Job'/'The Bank Job’ Statham than ‘The Mechanic’ Statham. What say you all?

"Transportation is a precise business." -– Frank, ‘The Transporter’