There was a brief period where I would have said Jet Li’s ‘Fist of Legend’ was my very favorite martial arts film. But higher exposure to great kung fu movies has lessened my love for that title just a little bit.

If Jackie Chan was successful by being the anti-Bruce Lee, I almost feel that Jet Li rose to prominence by being the anti-Jackie Chan. Li’s martial arts prowess is phenomenal. But he has a more serious, stoic and sometimes harsh screen presence that made him a formidable villain in his western debut: ‘Lethal Weapon 4.'

Full disclosure, I’ve seen far more of Li’s US films than I have his Chinese ones. And I know I’m missing out. ‘Hero’ and ‘Fist of Legend’ remain my very favorite Jet Li roles but I’ve never yet seen the ‘Once Upon A Time In China’ series. [Ducks].

“If this was Hong Kong, you'd already be dead.” –- Wah Sing Ku, ‘Lethal Weapon 4’

“I am nobody's bitch! You are mine.” –- Yulaw, ‘The One’