With Game of Thrones returning for its highly anticipated fifth season this week, the show has been popping all over the pop culture landscape. It even showed up on Sesame Street, for R'hllor’s sake! So it’s not too surprising that Late Night With Seth Meyers would devote some time to HBO’s crazy-popular fantasy epic, but the show had bigger plans than an interview with a member of the show’s sprawling cast. How about a sketch where Jon Snow goes to a pleasant dinner party and ruins it with his Jon Snow-ness?

The scene finds Jon (played by Kit Harrington, of course) attending a low-key dinner in the home of his pal, Seth Meyers (played by Seth Meyers, of course). While the rest of the guests are content to chat about the lovely weather in New York City, Jon can’t help but be a huge stick-in-the-mud. After all, winter is coming, most of his family is dead, and everyone in his dwindling circle of friends and allies is doomed.

The sketch is a real treat for Game of Thrones fans, who have long loved Ned Stark’s bastard son in spite of (and often because of) his glum, awkward demeanor. Few people in Westeros have had it as harsh as him, so of course he’s going to bring the mood down at any party. What really makes it all work is Harrington’s commitment. Between this and HBO’s upcoming sports documentary parody 7 Days in Hell, we expect he has a future making fun of the self-seriousness that has defined his career so far.