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‘Black Mass’ Trailer: Murder, Mayhem, Johnny Depp and Boston Accents

by Jacob Hall 7 hours ago
The new Black Mass trailer pulls the focus back from Johnny Depp’s performance as the notorious gangster Whitey Bulger, showcasing an ensemble of actors that has to be seen to be believed. And like any movie set in Boston, each and every actor wield their accents like bricks. This isn’t a Boston movie – it’s a Baahstin movie and everyone in the cast is seemingly trying to one-up the others when it comes to dropping their R’s.

New ‘Game of Thrones’ App Lets TV Fans Read the Books Without Spoilers

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 hours ago
Despite everyone being more or less on an even keel now, Game of Thrones fandom has long been divided by viewers of the HBO series, and those committed to George R.R. Martin’s books. Spoilers fly in both directions, but a new official app from Martin’s Game of Thrones publisher enables TV viewers to sample the novels without fear of spoilers.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Will Open on an Action Sequence, Plus Backstory Revealed

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago
The Walking Dead Season 6 seems a bit more transparent than its predecessor, though the October 11 premiere may leave a few scratching their heads. Not only will the new season of AMC’s monster smash open on a “heightened” action sequence absent any context, but so too will episodes dip back to show both Morgan and others’ backstories.

‘Beasts of No Nation’ Trailer: A Journey to Africa With the Director of ‘True Detective’

by Matt Singer 8 hours ago
Netflix has come a long way from the company that used to send you little red envelopes in the mail. Their original programming slate is expanding exponentially; after making major inroads into television and documentaries, they’re now expanding their feature film division as well. Their ambitious slate of movies includes Beasts of No Nation, the new project from Cary Joji Fukunaga, the director of the first season of True Detective (but not, it should be noted, the second season).

‘Room’ Trailer: Brie Larson Breaks Out in This Intense New Drama

by Matt Singer 9 hours ago
All right, so Room has nothing to do with The Room. (Unfortunately.) It is not a remake of the camp classic, with the fabulous young actress Brie Larson in the Tommy Wiseau role (although I would pay all of the monies to see that on the big screen). Instead, it’s a new film from Lenny Abrahamson, the director of the recent indie hit Frank, about a woman (Larson) and her son (Jacob Tremblay) who’ve been imprisoned in a tiny underground cell for years, which they’ve dubbed “Room.”

Bryan Singer Defends Oscar Isaac’s ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Costume, Shares New Photos From the Film

by Mike Sampson 10 hours ago
20th Century Fox
When an Entertainment Weekly cover revealed our first look at Oscar Isaac as the titular villain in X-Men: Apocalypse, most fans were not impressed, drawing comparisons to cheesy Power Rangers villain Ivan Ooze. But, director Bryan Singer is back to defend the costume, saying it’s actually “very similar” to the comic book design, and has shared some new hi-res X-Men: Apocalypse photos at the same time.

Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Bosses Talk Power Reduction, ‘Daredevil’ Comparisons

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 18 hours ago
AMC / Marvel / Netflix
Netflix’s appearance at the TCA press tour didn’t yield an official premiere date for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, though showrunner Melissa Rosenberg was only too happy to share Netflix’s next Defender. Not only do we have a sense of how Jessica Jones’ powers will translate to the MCU, but also how the second series will distinguish itself from the darker Daredevil.

‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ Cut a Big 10-Minute Scene With Alec Baldwin and Simon Pegg

by Britt Hayes a day ago
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation hits theaters this week, and it’s already been earning crazy good reviews for the latest installment in Tom Cruise’s action-packed franchise. There’s plenty to love in the sequel, in which Cruise continues to fully dedicate himself to some insane stunts. But as with most films, there were some pretty awesome scenes that hit the cutting room floor due to time, like this 10-minute scene with Alec Baldwin described by director Christopher McQuarrie.

FX’s ‘Bastard Executioner’ Sheds Blood and Supporting Cast in New Teasers

by Kevin Fitzpatrick a day ago
Kurt Sutter’s FX Bastard Executioner should prove one of the more interesting experiments of the fall (and not just by casting Ed Sheeran), and even after its first trailer, each teaser takes us a little closer into a world of medieval horror. Swords swing, blood flies, and supporting cast are all on display in a new round of Bastard Executioner teases.

‘Spotlight’ Trailer: Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams Are True Church Detectives

by Britt Hayes a day ago
One thing is for certain about director Tom McCarthy — he’s been very diverse, which makes him a bit unpredictable. His most recent film was the laughably, inconceivably awful The Cobbler, starring Adam Sandler. But prior to that he made acclaimed films like The Station Agent and Win Win. With that little Adam Sandler hiccup behind us now, we’re free to look forward to Spotlight, a new drama featuring an excellent ensemble cast and some very serious subject matter. Best of all: no magic shoes.