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Marvel’s ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ Casts David Tennant as the Villainous “Purple Man”

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 6 hours ago
Marvel Comics / Anthony Harvey, Getty Images
Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ has yet to release a frame of footage from its forthcoming Netflix TV series, but that hasn’t stopped followup series ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ from pushing forward. Not only do we know ‘Who’ the major villain of the Krysten Ritter super-detective drama will be, but David Tennant himself will portray the mysterious purple baddie.

Adam Sandler to Star in 'Ridiculous 6' With All His Same Old Friends

by Mike Sampson 7 hours ago
Universal Pictures
Back in October, Netflix announced that they had signed Adam Sandler to star in four original movies that would premiere exclusively on their streaming service. Today, we have news on Sandler’s first project under this partnership; a western-comedy titled ‘Ridiculous 6’ that stars such familiar Sandler faces as Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson, Steve Buscemi, Jon Lovitz and Vanilla Ice as Mark Twain. Whoopidy doo!

‘Gotham’ Casts ‘Spider-Man’ Baddie Colm Feore as DC’s Dollmaker

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago
DC Comics / Darryl James, Getty Images
FOX’s ‘Gotham’ spends most of its time setting up major DC villains, rather than feature them outright, but at least one of Batman’s future baddies will come out of the box to play. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and ‘Thor’ star Colm Feore will stop by Batman’s beginnings as the villainous Dollmaker, but could the character have any connection to the ‘Arrow’ villain of the same name?

‘Captain America 3’ Villain Confirmed as Baron Zemo?

by Mike Sampson 8 hours ago
Captain America and Iron Man won’t be the only ones brawling in ‘Captain America 3’. While the juiciest part of ‘Civil War’ will surely be seeing the two (former?) Avengers squaring off against each other, there are still going to be some common villains they’ll have to deal with. For one, the Winter Soldier is still on the loose. For another, so is Brock Rumlow, aka Crossbones. And, as if it couldn’t get more difficult, Cap will also have to deal with yet another villain. Daniel Bruhl (‘Rush’) signed on to star in the film back in November and now comes some confirmation that he’ll be playing classic comic villain Baron Zemo.

Emma Watson is the Beauty Half of Disney’s New ‘Beauty and the Beast’

by Matt Singer 8 hours ago
Getty Images
Disney has had a lot of success turning their animated classics into live-action updates in recent years. ‘Maleficent’ grossed more than $750 million worldwide after ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ made over $1 billion. Another, fleshier ‘Cinderella’ is on its way this spring, and after that you can also expect a human-y ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ That film is expected to go into production later this year, and will be directed by ‘Twilight’’s Bill Condon from a script by Stephen Chbosky.

‘Heroes’ Star Zachary Quinto Confirms Sylar Won’t Be ‘Reborn’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago
We haven’t yet a clear picture of NBC’s forthcoming ‘Heroes Reborn’ reboot (and in truth had hoped they’d forgotten about it), but more and more it seems ‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi will be leading a brand-new cast. Following earlier uncertainty over the idea, original series star Zachary Quinto has confirmed that his breakout villainous role of Gabriel “Sylar” Gray won’t be ‘Reborn’ among the new ‘Heroes.’

Monday Morning Critic: The Return of ‘The Americans’

by Ryan McGee 10 hours ago
Welcome back to another installment of the Monday Morning Critic. In this space each week, I’ll be looking at the week that was in addition to the week ahead in television. The format will shift each week, as the world of TV will dictate the form and content of each piece. In this week’s installment: a review of the third season of ‘The Americans’ and a look at a recent example the true power of long-form narrative on TV.

Joss Whedon on ‘Age of Ultron’: “The Avengers Must Die”

by Mike Sampson 10 hours ago
‘Avengers 2’ graced the cover of Empire Magazine this month, and while there are two covers featuring new looks at Ultron and the team’s new lineup, it’s something on the inside of this issue that caught our attention. Director Joss Whedon spoke to Empire and dropped this bomb: “I’ve come to the conclusion that Ultron is right. The Avengers need to die.”

‘Girls’ Review: “Female Author”

by Britt Hayes a day ago
There’s something vaguely gnawing and anxiety-inducing about this week’s episode of ‘Girls,’ which splits its time between Hannah in Iowa and her friends back in New York, and finally gives us a clue about what Adam’s been up to while Hannah’s away. By now we’ve become very familiar with the willfully regressive nature of these characters, who function in juvenile, narcissistic cycles, with each revolution back around only bringing them the tiniest baby step further in their maturation. Two steps forward, one step back.

Weekend Box Office Report: Johnny Depp Can’t Stop ‘American Sniper’

by Jacob Hall a day ago
Warner Bros.
Last week, ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1’ squeaked past ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to become the highest grossing film released in 2014. Now, it’s starting to look thing ‘American Sniper’ may clobber them both. With a massive second weekend in wide release, the Clint Eastwood war film looks practically unstoppable at this point. With little to no major competition for the next few weeks, it should easily crack $300 million.