Now that Liam Hemsworth has found his footing in the acting world with 'The Hunger Games' and 'The Expendables 2,' his name actually packs a bigger punch when you see it in the starring role for a movie like 'Love and Honor.'

The story starts when a young, love-stricken soldier stationed in Vietnam gets dumped by his girlfriend. Hemsworth's character, also a young soldier, goes AWOL with his buddy to try and win her back. When they get to her hometown, though, Hemsworth ends up falling for the girl's friend Candance (played by Teresa Palmer, known for being the eye candy in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.') But then things get complicated, what with Hemsworth being a member of the military and Palmer being a flower child. And when they do fall in love, the trailer suggests Hemsworth gets arrested for going AWOL, but by then the two are in love and... you get the idea.

Yeah, it sounds exactly like the plot of another Nicholas Sparks novel, but at least Hemsworth can pull from his experience starring in 'The Last Song.' Only this time he probably won't be dating his costar on the sidelines and then eventually marrying her.

Check out the trailer for 'Love and Honor' below.