Surely you didn't think Robert Downey Jr. was hanging out in that suit on set all day, right? Of course not. Downey Jr. has a stunt double for the full-suit shots, and that man has a name.

And his name is Clay Fontenot. Our friends at posted this great find from Samuel L. Jackson's official Twitter account:

"For all you ladies that need a reason to see #Avengers, here's the Brutha IN the Ironman suit. Clay Fontenot!"

Fontenot has been Downey Jr.'s stuntman through all three appearances of Iron Man on film, including 'The Avengers,' which opens this Friday. Of course it's still Robert Downey Jr. in the shots where he's in the suit sans-helmet, but for all the full-body suit shots, Fontenot is the steely hero and deserves some of the credit for bringing this awesome superhero to life.

Having worked as a stuntman in over 60 films, Fontenot's work can be seen in everything from 'Blade' to  'The Book of Eli' to the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film 'Django Unchained.'

Here he is, the man in the suit: