Sorry, not sorry for that headline. Melissa McCarthy’s next project has been assembling a fairly impressive cast so far, with Peter Dinklage taking on an antagonistic role and McCarthy’s Tammy co-star Kathy Bates also signing on for the new project. Today brings yet another excellent casting choice, as Kristen Bell has hopped aboard McCarthy’s latest comedy with an appropriately sweet role.

According to THR, Bell has joined the cast of Michelle Darnell, in which she’ll play McCarthy’s former assistant, a single mother with dreams of starting her own cupcake business. Adorable Kristen Bell making adorable little cupcakes sounds pretty correct, as if we’ll look upon it and feel comforted, knowing that all is adorably right in the world.

McCarthy is playing the title role based on an original character she created, while her husband Ben Falcone will direct. The film follows a massively successful business woman who gets busted for insider trading. Upon her release from prison, Michelle Darnell sets about trying to make things right with those she wronged, though not everyone is jumping at the chance to forgive her. With the help of her former assistant, Michelle attempts to rebrand herself, no matter what it takes.

Bates will play the role of Michelle’s icon, a feisty, quirky and wildly successful woman who serves as Michelle’s mentor, while Dinklage will play a more antagonistic role. Falcone, who also directed Tammy, co-wrote the script with McCarthy and their writing partner, Steve Mallory.

Michelle Darnell is scheduled for release on April 8, 2016.