'Neighbors' had its world premiere at the SXSW Film Festival this past week the response was mostly positive (you can read our review here). After all, it feels like it's hard to go wrong with R-rated, Seth Rogen-led comedies these days. A new clip from the film has arrived online, giving us a taste of the laughs the finished film contains.

For those who haven't seen the trailers, the premise is simple: a couple (Rogen and Rose Byrne) live a quiet suburban life with their new baby, but their existence is thrown into chaos when a fraternity buys the house next door. Chaos, much of it orchestrated by Zac Efron's frat-jock-bro alpha male, ensues.

The clip finds Rogen and Byrne meeting Efron for the first time on the frat's front lawn. Rogen, desperately attempting to be cool, tries to bond with his new neighbors. Byrne, irritated beyond belief at the entire situation, is far more testy. Their awkward conversation ultimately culminates with a pretty funny 'Game of Thrones' joke. It's an amusing scene, but we suspect that the film's biggest laughs are hidden elsewhere.

Director Nicholas Stoller has made great comedies ('Forgetting Sarah Marshall') and lousy ones ('The Five Year Engagement'), but everything we've seen from 'Neighbors' makes it look like the former. We'll be able to find out for sure when it hits theaters on May 9, 2014.

UPDATE: Another clip from 'Neighbors' debuted on Funny or Die, featuring the "Rober De Niro Party" scene from the trailers. Check it out: