UPDATE: We've added a new Jurassic World poster below, featuring the new Mosasaurus using a great white shark for lunch.

In a summer filled with gigantic releases, even the fourth movie in an iconic franchise has to work overtime to stand out. Jurassic World has released a new poster and it feels like step one in the process of rolling back the wave of bad buzz that accompanied that first dinosaur-free clip. Sure, Bryce Dallas Howard is still present, but this time, she’s joined by a very large, and presumably very hungry, dinosaur.

In fact, that dinosaur is the Indominus Rex, the new species that Howard’s Claire Dearing has cooked up in a lab to attract more tourists to her fully functioning dinosaur theme park. As this poster implies, her new super-dino doesn’t like being cooped up and things go horribly wrong. After all, it wouldn’t be a movie set in the Jurassic Park universe if things didn’t go awry.

Colin Trevorrow took to Twitter to tease the new one-sheet, saying that it is the first of three ... and that the next trailer is set to arrive on Monday:

Jurassic World will open in theaters on June 12, 2015. Check out the poster for yourself below and make sure to come back on April 20 to watch the new trailer!