UPDATE: We've added a new Jurassic World poster below, featuring the new Mosasaurus using a great white shark for lunch.

In a summer filled with gigantic releases, even the fourth movie in an iconic franchise has to work overtime to stand out. Jurassic World has released a new poster and it feels like step one in the process of rolling back the wave of bad buzz that accompanied that first dinosaur-free clip. Sure, Bryce Dallas Howard is still present, but this time, she’s joined by a very large, and presumably very hungry, dinosaur.

In fact, that dinosaur is the Indominus Rex, the new species that Howard’s Claire Dearing has cooked up in a lab to attract more tourists to her fully functioning dinosaur theme park. As this poster implies, her new super-dino doesn’t like being cooped up and things go horribly wrong. After all, it wouldn’t be a movie set in the Jurassic Park universe if things didn’t go awry.

Colin Trevorrow
Jurassic World