'Django Unchained' is set to hit theaters in less than a month with the first press screenings scheduled to take place in about two weeks. But writer/director Quentin Tarantino is still hard at work and, after an early screening of the film, going back to the editing room to try and fix the film.

Kris Tapley, writer for HitFix, tweeted last night:

It's nothing new for a director to be working up until the last minute on a film, especially in this day and age when release dates are set well before filming even begins. But a 192-minute running time is quite long, even for a Tarantino film. That's only about 45 minutes shorter than 'Kill Bill' which was so long Tarantino wound up splitting it into two films.

That 192-minute cut was one Tarantino felt confident enough to screen and the feedback was likely enough to send him back to the editing room to try and fix. Keep in mind, this is Tarantino's first film without longtime Oscar-nominated editor Sally Menke, who died in 2010.

Tarantino is a notorious tinkerer and many of the scenes (and even characters) in his original script, were re-written and/or re-organized for the actual film. But the clock is a-tickin' and 'Django' is scheduled to screen for Academy voters on December 5th.

What do you think? Are you worried about 'Django Unchained' or do you have faith in Tarantino?