Released in 1998, 'Rounders' starred then-rising stars Matt Damon and Edward Norton as two best friends who enter the world of underground high-stakes poker to make enough money to pay off their large debts, but soon find themselves way in over their heads. Though it wasn't a huge success at the time, 'Rounders' went on to become a cult classic thanks to the growing popularity in poker tournaments around the world. Sixteen years later, we revisit the cast of the film and see what they're up to now. 

Matt Damon, Mike McDermott

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Then: Matt Damon played Mike McDermott, a law student and talented poker player who loses all of his money to a Russian mobster and promises his girlfriend he will quit playing. However, when his best friend is released from prison and needs help paying off an old debt, Mike gets back in the game. Damon previously garnered acclaim for his performance alongside Ben Affleck in 'Good Will Hunting,' based on a screenplay they wrote together, which won them the Academy Award for Best Screenplay.

Now: Damon went on to star in films like 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'The Bourne Identity' and its sequels, Steven Soderbergh's 'Ocean's Eleven' trilogy, 'The Departed,' 'The Informant' and 'True Grit.' He starred in several films for director Steven Soderbergh, including the more recent films 'Contagion' and 'Behind the Candelabra,' in which he played Liberace's lover. He recently reunited with his 'Ocean''s co-star George Clooney for 'The Monuments Men' and starred in 'Elysium,' and can be seen next in Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar.'

Edward Norton, Lester "Worm" Murphy

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Then: Edward Norton played Lester Murphy, aka "Worm," Mike's best friend who owes a considerable debt that is now owed to the same Russian mobster to whom Mike lost his poker winnings. Norton previously gained notice for roles in 'Primal Fear' and 'The People vs. Larry Flynt.'

Now: Norton has since appeared in films like 'American History X,' 'Fight Club,' 'Red Dragon' and 'The Italian Job.' He guest starred on 'Modern Family' and lent his voice to a recent episode of 'The Simpsons,' and appeared in films like Wes Anderson's 'Moonrise Kingdom,' as well as 'The Bourne Legacy.' He can be seen next reuniting with Anderson for 'The Grand Budapest Hotel,' which hits theaters this month, and in the upcoming film 'Birdman' with Michael Keaton.

John Turturro, Joey Knish

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Then: John Turturro, star of the Coen brothers' films 'Miller's Crossing' and 'Barton Fink,' played Joey Knish, Mike's mentor and a fellow player who gives Mike a job as a delivery driver to help him get back on his feet.

Now: Since then, Turturro has reunited with the Coen brothers for 'The Big Lebowski' and 'O Brother, Where Art Thou.' He re-teamed with Matt Damon in 2006 for 'The Good Shepherd,' and also appeared in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' and 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon.' He can be seen next in 'Fading Gigolo,' a film which he also directed and that co-stars Woody Allen, and in 'God's Pocket,' one of Philip Seymour Hoffman's final films.

John Malkovich, Teddy KGB

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Then: The great John Malkovich played Teddy KGB, the Russian mobster to whom Mike lost his money, and to whom Lester owes a considerable debt. Malkovich previously appeared in films like 'Dangerous Liaisons' and 'Con Air.'

Now: Malkovich is known for roles in 'Being John Malkovich,' 'Shadow of the Vampire,' 'Art School Confidential,' 'Burn After Reading' and 'Red.' He reunited with John Turturro in 2011 for 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon,' and recently appeared in 'Warm Bodies' and reprised the role of Marvin Boggs for 'Red 2.' He can be seen next in the upcoming films 'Chavez' and 'Cut Bank.'

Famke Janssen, Petra

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Then: Famke Janssen portrayed the beautiful and sexy Petra, who makes a move on Mike after his girlfriend leaves him. At the time, Janssen was still a rising star, known for roles in 'GoldenEye' and 'Deep Rising.'

Now: After starring in films like 'The Faculty' and the remake of 'The House on Haunted Hill,' Janssen is now best known for playing Dr. Jean Grey in the 'X-Men' films. She also appeared in 'Don't Say a Word,' 'Hide and Seek' and 'The Wackness.' More recently she reprised the role of Jean Grey for 'The Wolverine,' appeared in both 'Taken' and 'Taken 2,' and had a role in 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.' She also starred in Eli Roth's Netflix horror series 'Hemlock Grove,' which was green lit for a season 2.

Martin Landau, Abe Petrovsky

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Then: Veteran actor Martin Landau played Abe Petrovsky, Mike's law school professor who gives him a loan to try and help him out when he gets in over his head with Lester and Teddy KGB.

Now: Landau since appeared in Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow,' 'The Majestic,' 'City of Ember' and 'Lovely, Still.' In 2012 he reunited with Burton for the filmmaker's animated movie 'Frankenweenie,' and in 2013 he starred in the Lifetime movie 'Anna Nicole' as Anna Nicole Smith's elderly husband.

Gretchen Mol, Jo

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Then: Gretchen Mol played Jo, Mike's girlfriend who makes him promise to stop playing poker after he loses $30k to Teddy KGB. Mol was a rising star who previously appeared in 'Donnie Brasco' and 'Celebrity.'

Now: Mol has since made a name for herself with roles in 'Sweet and Lowdown,' 'Get Carter,' 'The Shape of Things,' and by playing classic pin-up icon Bettie Page in the HBO film 'The Notorious Bettie Page.' In 2007 she reunited with Famke Janssen for the anthology comedy 'The Ten,' and she appeared in '3:10 to Yuma' and 'An American Affair.' These days she's best known for playing Gillian Darmody on the HBO series 'Boardwalk Empire,' which will come to an end after the upcoming season 5.