Oliver Stone's 1987 'Wall Street' succeeded in teaching us all that "greed is good." The film was carried by a tremendous cast -- one that holds strong nearly three decades later.

So from Bud Fox to the titan of the industry, Gordon Gekko, let's check out the cast of 'Wall Street' then and now.

Then: Charlie Sheen was coming off his first major film role in Stone's 'Platoon.' His role as Bud Fox, however, would quickly launch him on to the A-List.

Now: Sheen has been more known for his "tiger blood" and "warlock" ways in recent years than for his acting. After all the headlines and scandals, he's back to spoofing himself in 'Scary Movie 5' and starring in FX's 'Anger Management.'

Then: Michael Douglas earned his second Oscar win for his portrayal of Gordon Gekko. His first came as a producer for 1975's 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.'

Now: Douglas reprised his Gordon Gekko role in the 2010 sequel 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,' though this time out greed (and the movie) wasn't as good. He recently scored rave reviews for HBO's Liberace biopic and offered up some revealing details about his battle with throat cancer.

Then: Daryl Hannah's first notable role came in 1982's 'Blade Runner.' She went on to appear in 'Splash,' 'Summer Lovers' and 'The Clan of the Cave Bear' before hitting the Academy Award-winning 'Wall Street' as Darien Taylor.

Now: Though she still acts in movies like 'Kill Bill,' Hannah's become more known for her environmentalist protests, many of which have ended in handcuffs.

Then: John C. McGinley played Marvin, "friend" of Bud Fox's. Before his 'Wall Street' role, McGinley was seen in another Oliver Stone hit, 'Platoon,' where he played Sgt. O'Neill.

Now: While he's continued to pop up all over our screens (both in TV and film), McGinley was most notably Dr. Perry Cox on 'Scrubs.'

Then: Martin Sheen starred opposite his real life son Charlie as Bud's working class dad. The veteran actor was already known for roles in 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Badlands,' to name a mere couple classics.

Now: Sheen has remained a beloved actor thanks to 'The West Wing,' 'The Departed' and more. And yes, he has made an appearance on Charlie's show 'Anger Management.'

Then: Hal Holbrook's career began in the '50s, and he has since earned himself notable credits both on the stage and screen. Before 'Wall Street,' he had been praised for 'The Fog' and 'All The President's Men.'

Now: Holbrook has gone on to portray great characters in 'Into The Wild,' 'Sons of Anarchy' and 'Lincoln.'

Then: Tamara Tunie's career had just begun when she was seen in 'Wall Street.' Before getting on Oliver Stone's radar she played Julie in 'Sweet Lorraine.'

Now: If Tunie looks familiar that's because she's been on '24,' 'As The World Turns' and 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.'

Then: Josh Mostel was Gekko's right-hand man, which was probably an unfortunate thing for him. Before landing 'Wall Street,' the son of legendary actor Zero Mostel carried roles in 'Sophie's Choice' and 'Jesus Christ Superstar.'

Now: While Mostel has continued to act over the years, he'll forever be famous for playing Principal Max Anderson/The Revolting Blob in Adam Sandler's 'Billy Madison.'

Then: James Spader defined '80s yuppie sleaze with his roles in 'Pretty in Pink,' 'Less Than Zero' and 'Wall Street.'

Now: Spader brought his distinctive persona to 'Sex, Lies and Videotape,' Boston Legal,' 'The Office' and a recent role in 'Lincoln.'

Then: Terence Stamp played Gordon Gekko's nemesis, and ultimately was a big part in having him taken down. Everyone kneeled before Stamp after he played General Zod in 'Superman II.'

Now: Since 'Wall Street,' Stamp has played bad guys and questionable characters in 'Young Guns,' 'The Limey' and 'Elektra.'