'Sin City 2' Photos: Yup, Jessica Alba Is Still Smokin'

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In 'Sin City 2,' titled 'A Dame to Kill For,' Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez bring back their black-and-white, neo-noir world of corruption, shootouts and one sexy Jessica Alba. The dancing seductress still has it goin' on as three new photos from the film have emerged online, featuring both returning and new cast members.

EW's latest issue features a new look at the sequel, which was only recently released online, featuring Alba, Mickey Rourke as Marv and newcomer Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film is structured into four different stories, one of which will give us more than just Alba's sexy dance moves. According to Rodriguez, who says the star is "eight times the actor [that she was] when I did the first film," her character, Kadie's dancer Nancy Callahan, starts out as a little girl in the first film, but by the end of 'Sin City 2,' "she’s the avenging angel."

Gordon-Levitt, who was originally up for the role of Star-Lord in Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (now played by Chris Pratt) but dropped out of the running for 'Sin City 2,' joins this cinematic landscape as Johnny, a man who "beat the wrong guy at poker," says Rodriguez. Also joining, not featured in the new pics, are Eva Green as the 'Dame to Kill For,' Josh Brolin as a replacement for Clive Owen's Dwight McCarthy, Lady Gaga, and more returning faces such as Bruce Willis and Rosario Dawson.

Now, after years of development hell, 'Sin City 2' will hit theaters August 22.

Dimension Films/EW
Dimension Films/EW
Dimension Films/EW
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