There was no way ‘SNL’ was going to snag country music superstar Blake Shelton as a guest host and not do a country music video parody. After all, Shelton’s experience as a comedic performer is limited, but his experience in crooning songs about heartbreak and troubled times is not. So this brings us to a bizarre little song called ”Wishin’ Boot,” which is literally about a magical cowboy boot that shows up when people are in need and deliver exactly what they want.

The sad truth is that this concept sounds exactly like something that would be written, sung and produced totally non-ironically in the modern country music landscape. Heck, if you half-listen to the song and don’t watch the visuals, you could actually think it was a real song. You can thank Shelton and cast members Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant for that, who sing their hearts out and make this genuinely bizarre song sound pretty legit.

Even if country music totally drives you up a wall, there’s something inherently amusing about a starving McKinnon pulling an entire feast out of a random boot that showed up on her doorstep. Heck, the wish granted for Shelton is even more bizarre and feels like such a perverse twist on typical country music ideas that you have to wonder if Shelton even got the joke (and since he’s wearing that mustache, the answer is obviously yes, he did).