Last night's 'SNL' had a digital short that had it all. Two characters speaking in a fictional language while wearing Halloween masks. Guest host Seth Rogen being racist against monsters. A surprise celebrity cameo. Children being scared. A minor rant about the inaccuracies of 'Monsters, Inc.' We're not sure what everyone was eating before they wrote this Monster Pals sketch, but they should order from there more often.

The scene opens with two monster friends (and they're literally monsters) hanging out in a bar, where the bartender makes it clear that they're really not welcome there. When another patron (Rogen at his douchebag-iest) taunts them for being so ugly and gross, one monster decides to go get "the surgery" so he can look like a human. One week later, his monster buddy sets out to find him, but realizes that he can't tell humans apart from one another.

Of course, when he does find him, he's now James Franco. Ba dum tsh.

This sketch had us from the moment it introduced the two leads, who are literally wearing immobile rubber masks and growling and grunting all of their lines. The final punchline is pretty easy, but everything leading up to it is weird and on-point. More Monster Pals, please.