This shouldn’t be a hard sell. Did you like ‘Bridesmaids’? Did you like ‘The Heat’? Do you enjoy the slapstick antics of Melissa McCarthy? Well good, then, ‘Spy’ is definitely the movie for you.

It’s got McCarthy, as CIA analyst turned unlikely field agent Susan Cooper, and the whole kit and caboodle is written and directed by Paul Feig, the filmmaker behind ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘The Heat.’ If that’s not enough, it’s also got Jude Law as a suave James Bond-type (talking, for reasons that I cannot fathom, with a bad American accent), and Jason Statham as a gruff Jason Statham-type. What will it take to get a McCarthy versus Statham fight scene in this movie? If I pledge my life to Satan, would that make it happen? Because if it would, I’d think strongly about doing it.

If you’re still not sold, there’s a red-band trailer too, embedded below. All the fun of the green-band trailer, plus dirty words! Jude Law says the F-word! Jason Statham says the T-word! Rose Byrne also says the F-word! Oh this just keeps getting better and better. ‘Spy’ opens on May 22, 2015.