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'NCIS'' Hetty + Edna From 'The Incredibles' -- Dead Ringers?

by Nick Romano October 5, 2012 @ 9:00 AM
It's probably one of the more obvious celebrity look alikes we've ever come across, and yet it's taken us this long to acknowledge it: Our favorite condescending, comedic fashionista from Disney and Pixar's 'The Incredibles' has a real-life twin in the form of Henrietta "Hetty" Lange from 'NCIS: Los Angeles.'

'Monsters, Inc. 3D' Now has a Poster and Trailer

by Damon Houx September 5, 2012 @ 6:00 PM
Converting a CG Animated movie to three dimensions is relatively easy, which is why - at least it seems - that we're getting almost all of the Pixar movies converted to 3D (we've yet to hear about 'A Bug's Life'). Though 'Finding Nemo' is due out next week, 'Monsters Inc.' is quick on its heels with a December release. And now there's a trailer and poster.

'Finding Nemo 2' to Bring Back Ellen DeGeneres

by Mike Sampson August 22, 2012 @ 6:43 AM
Pixar/Warner Bros. Television
Though Pixar has yet to formally announce 'Finding Nemo 2,' the animation studio is quietly working hard behind-the-scenes to prep for the upcoming sequel. Director Andrew Stanton recently signed a deal to return and now come reports the Ellen DeGeneres is in talks to once again voice the forgetful fish Dory.

Where is the Pizza Planet Truck in 'Brave' and Other Pixar Easter Eggs Revealed

by Sean O'Connell July 3, 2012 @ 10:31 AM
Part of the fun of watching new Pixar films lies in spotting the traditional Easter eggs hidden by animators … and ‘Brave’ is no different. Were you able to see the infamous Pizza Planet truck in Merida’s kingdom? How about the standard tease for Pixar’s next movie, in this case ‘Monsters University?’ They’re both in there, and we’ll tell you where.