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Marvel and DC Universes About to Get Aaron Sorkinized

by Emma Stefansky 5 hours ago
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Because Marvel and DC seem to have gotten wind of the majority of our culture’s at best toleration of and at worst boredom with the current cookie-cutter state of superhero movies, both studios have been looking to bring in some new talent. Many of the upcoming films on Marvel’s slate will be directed by folks who only recently made their indie debuts. Now it looks like the studios are looking for fresh takes on the material in some more unexpected places. Like Aaron Sorkin, for instance.

Kevin Costner Eyeing Role in Aaron Sorkin-Directed ‘Molly's Game’

by Charles Bramesco October 18, 2016 @ 9:45 AM
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Kevin Costner has been spotted around Hollywood limbering up his mouth muscles, practicing his walk-and-talk, and getting comfortable with the phrase “I’m really quite something,” all of which can only mean one thing: He’s in negotiations for a role in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming directorial debut, Molly’s Game. And while none of that first part is, strictly speaking, “true,” that second part sure is. (According to a new exclusive from Deadline, at least.)

Michael Cera Is in Talks to Join Aaron Sorkin’s Poker Movie

by Emma Stefansky September 8, 2016 @ 6:31 PM
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Aaron Sorkin, Oscar-winning screenwriter behind The Social Network and Steve Jobs, is making his directorial debut with an adaptation of Molly Bloom’s memoir Molly’s Game, From Hollywood's Elite to Wall Street's Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker. Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba have already signed on to the film, and now it looks like Michael Cera is throwing his hat in the ring.

Aaron Sorkin to Teach Online Screenwriting MasterClass

by Matthew Monagle June 26, 2016 @ 3:49 PM
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Aaron Sorkin has always been a bit ahead of the game. Back in the days when television was still considered a place for actors to go when their film career had dried up, Sorkin proved himself to be medium agnostic, moving between film (A Few Good Men, The American President) and television (Sports Night, The West Wing) without any drop in quality or prestige. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that Sorkin is once again looking at an emerging format, this time the virtual classroom, to share some of the things he has learned over his career.

Idris Elba in Talks to Join Jessica Chastain in Aaron Sorkin Poker Drama ‘Molly’s Game’

by Britt Hayes May 7, 2016 @ 12:50 PM
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There’s a bit of mixed news today regarding Molly’s Game, Aaron Sorkin’s long-developing true-life poker drama. First, the great news: Professional Cool Person Idris Elba is in talks to join Jessica Chastain in the upcoming film, with Chastain in negotiations for the eponymous lead role. And in less great news: Sony has dropped out of the project, leaving Sorkin without a distributor.

‘West Wing’ Alum Allison Janney Leads White House Briefing in Character

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 29, 2016 @ 1:54 PM
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We’ll never get an actual West Wing revival (maybe talk to Sorkin after another Newsroom), but that hasn’t stopped the cast from reprising their roles from time to time in one promo or another. The latest actually made it into the White House, as West Wing alum Allison Janney returned C.J. Cregg to the fold for an actual briefing.

You Can’t Handle NBC’s Live ‘A Few Good Men’ Production in 2017

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 30, 2016 @ 2:32 PM
There’s no denying NBC’s increased success with the live TV musical, to the point other networks are emulating the trend, so can they do the same with drama? We’ll get the truth (handling of it may vary) in 2017, as the network eyes a live adaptation of A Few Good Men, with Aaron Sorkin onboard.

Jessica Chastain Eyes Lead Role in Aaron Sorkin Directorial Debut ‘Molly’s Game’

by Britt Hayes February 18, 2016 @ 8:20 PM
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After years of earning acclaim for his screenwriting skills (though he was weirdly snubbed by the 2016 Oscars for Steve Jobs), Aaron Sorkin is set to make his directorial debut on Molly’s Game. Set in the underground world of high-stakes poker, Sorkin’s long-developing passion project features a strong leading role for the right woman — and that woman might just be Jessica Chastain.

‘Steve Jobs’ Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to Make Directorial Debut on ‘Molly’s Game’

by Britt Hayes January 7, 2016 @ 7:32 PM
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After years of earning praise and accolades for his writing work on shows like The West Wing and The Newsroom, and with films like The Social Network and last year's Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin is finally set to direct his own feature film. The acclaimed screenwriter is stepping away from politics and technology for Molly's Game, based on the memoir by Molly Bloom.