Beverly Hills Cop

'Beverly Hills Cop 4' Is Actually Happening, Set for Release in March 2016

by Nick Romano May 2, 2014 @ 4:57 PM
'Beverly Hills Cop 4' seemed like one of those things that was fun to think about -- like 'Dredd 2' -- but would probably never happen. While rumors of it moving forward have been circulating the web for some time, Paramount has revealed that, yes, this will officially happen and has been given a release date for 2016.

'Beverly Hills Cop 4' May Get Some Help From Jerry Bruckheimer

by Damon Houx September 12, 2013 @ 8:05 PM
When the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV show failed to get off the ground, word was that Paramount might instead go with a new film installment of the franchise (which had been rumored for a while, with Brett Ratner supposedly set to direct it). The latest rumblings suggest a fourth film might happen, with Eddie Murphy reuniting with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who was behind the first two movies.

You Can See That Again: How TV Shows Become the Hot New Way to Reboot Movie Franchises

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 12, 2013 @ 10:00 AM
We’ve all heard the casual moans of fan communities that Hollywood never comes up with anything original anymore, settling into the familiar patterns of sequels, remakes, and adaptations of familiar properties to cash in on brand recognition. And while remakes have become subtly accepted as a chance for a new take on dormant properties, the recent ‘RoboCoptrailer reminded us just how much passions can strain in the dissection of beloved classics.

'Beverly Hills Cop 4' Allegedly Rising From the Ashes After Failed TV Series

by Jacob Hall July 25, 2013 @ 1:34 PM
A few months ago, CBS decided to pass on the 'Beverly Hills Cop' television series, which would have seen Brandon T. Jackson ('Percy Jackson') police the wealthy side of Hollywood as Axel Foley's son. And that, for lack of a better phrase, appeared to be that. However, a recent statement from series producer Shawn Ryan suggests that fans of the iconic Eddie Murphy comedy franchise may have something to look forward to.

'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series: CBS Passes, Others Interested?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 10, 2013 @ 8:53 PM
@ShawnRyanTV / Twitter
Well, this is certainly not an article we expected to be writing. It appears among the dozens of cancellations and renewals emerging today from NBC, CBS and ABC, one very promising pilot has slipped through the cracks. CBS will not move forward with the Eddie Murphy-produced 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series, but will another network pick up their loss?

'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series: First Photo of Eddie Murphy and Brandon T. Jackson Together!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 18, 2013 @ 5:00 PM
We're very curious to see if CBS upcoming 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV pilot makes the cut for the fall season, particularly with the involvement of original franchise star Eddie Murphy, and most recently Judge Reinhold. Production of the Shawn Ryan-helmed, Barry Sonnenfeld-directed series has officially gotten under way, so are you ready to see Eddie Murphy and Brandon T. Jackson in action as Axel Foley and his son Aaron? Get a sneak peek of the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series inside!

'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series Taps Judge Reinhold to Return, Finally

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 7, 2013 @ 2:14 PM
Admittedly, we'd have likely tuned in for CBS' upcoming Shawn Ryan-helmed 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series regardless of who from the film franchise cast put in an appearance, but we're glad to see Eddie Murphy won't be shoving bananas into tailpipes all by his lonesome. At long last, it seems Judge Reinhold has signed on to reprise his role as Billy Rosewood for the upcoming pilot, but have the years been as good to Billy as they have to Axel Foley? And where does young Aaron fit in?

'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series: Christine Lahti Joins as Captain

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 25, 2013 @ 1:50 PM
Christopher Polk / Angela Weiss, Getty Images
Now that the pilot order has been made official, CBS' upcoming Eddie Murphy-produced 'Beverly Hills Cop' sequel TV series has been busy, last week casting 'Argo' star Sheila Vand for a regular role on the series. With Brandon T. Jackson in the lead and David Denman set as his Judge Reinhold-esque partner, 'Beverly Hills Cop' has now cast its Chief, casting former 'Hawaii Five-0' star Christine Lahti. Find out the latest on the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series inside!

'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series: 'Argo' Star Sheila Vand Joins as Female Lead

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 21, 2013 @ 11:24 PM
Christopher Polk / Michael Loccisano
With the talent of 'The Shield' creator Shawn Ryan at the helm, and the promise of a recurring guest role for original film series star Eddie Murphy, we'd be hard pressed to think that CBS' forthcoming 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series will have a difficult time making it past the pilot stage. And while CBS won't announce a decision for some time, the network has continued casting the pilot with 'Argo' star Sheila Vand as the female lead, and opposing detective for Brandon T. Jackson's Aaron Foley. Get the latest on the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV series inside!

'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Series Adds 'The Office' Star David Denman

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 6, 2013 @ 6:08 PM
Christopher Polk, Getty Images / NBC
Officially ordered to pilot, CBS' forthcoming Eddie Murphy-produced 'Beverly Hills Cop' sequel TV series has been on a bit of a roll of late, yesterday casting comedian Kevin Pollak for a recurring role on the series. With Brandon T. Jackson in the lead and Eddie Murphy set to make occasional appearances, 'Beverly Hills Cop' has officially cast its own Judge Reinhold figure with former 'The Office' player David Denman. But, will Judge himself return, lest he be judged?