Endless Love

Weekend Box Office Report: 'RoboCop' Gets Taken Down by 'The LEGO Movie' and 'About Last Night'

by Jacob Hall February 16, 2014 @ 11:58 AM
When 'RoboCop' got pushed from an August 2013 release date to February 2014, everyone assumed it would open stronger when far away from the busy summer months. If this is the better of the two options, then we can't even imagine how poorly it would have opened in the warmer months. The remake of the 1987 classic is definitely not a disaster, but it most certainly underperformed.

'Endless Love' Review

by Kate Erbland February 12, 2014 @ 1:16 PM
Like many films about wholly misguided love affairs, consuming obsession, and criminal activity involving elephants, ‘Endless Love’ opens with a vaguely creepy voiceover. Apparently meant to be styled as the opening lines to some kind of modern fairy tale, David Elliot (Alex Pettyfer) uses the first few moments of Shana Feste’s adaptation to introduce us his very own tower-bound princess, young Jade Butterfield (Gabrielle Wilde), a sensitive enough soul entombed in our own grief (or something like that, it’s hard to tell over Pettyfer’s creepy staring). Set at the pair’s high school graduation, David and the camera both spy on Jade as he vows to do, well, something to get to know her. Charming.

'Endless Love' Trailer: Say Goodbye to Innocence

by Mike Sampson October 17, 2013 @ 9:35 AM
Even if you haven't seen the schmaltzy 1981 movie 'Endless Love,' chances are you're at least familiar with the classic Diana Ross/Lionel Richie duet it spawned. And, that makes sense. The song was wildly popular; the movie was not (Roger Ebert called it "a narrative and logical mess"). Despite that, Universal has pressed ahead with a remake and...it's about as melodramatic as you'd expect.

'Country Strong' Director in Talks to Tackle 'Endless Love'

by Britt Hayes August 2, 2012 @ 6:00 PM
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Harper Perennial
'Country Strong' director Shana Feste is in talks to direct a remake (or re-adaptation) of 'Endless Love' for Universal, with Scott Stuber ('Love and Other Drugs,' 'Ted') producing. So cue up the worst karaoke duet song of all time and get your feelings ready.