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Alden Ehrenreich Officially Introduced as Han Solo, Was the First to Audition For the Role

by Erin Whitney July 17, 2016 @ 11:52 AM
Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios
We’ve known for months that Alden Ehrenreich was our new Han Solo, but the closing panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe brought the official announcement, plus a surprise appearance by the actor.

‘Pacific Rim 2’ Will Drift Into Theaters in 2018

by Britt Hayes June 30, 2016 @ 4:58 PM
Warner Bros.
Things were looking pretty rough for Pacific Rim 2, but the sequel has been coming together slowly but surely, first with the addition of former Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight as director, then with Derek Connolly as screenwriter, and — best of all — with John Boyega joining the cast as our new apocalypse-canceller. Today brings even more good news for fans of the kaiju vs. robots blockbuster, as Pacific Rim 2 has been given an official release date.

John Boyega Teases Reunion With ‘Attack the Block’ Director

by Matthew Monagle June 25, 2016 @ 2:24 PM
Screen Gems
By now, you probably know that Attack the Block is a great movie; it even made our list of the 25 best sci-fi movies of the last 25 years. You also probably know that since starring in the film, John Boyega has become one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood, helping set box office records in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and breathing life into Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim sequel. But did you know that Attack the Block writer-director Joe Cornish has not directed a film since his first collaboration with Boyega? There’s a situation in desperate need of some change.

John Boyega Will Cancel the Apocalypse in ‘Pacific Rim 2’

by Matt Singer June 6, 2016 @ 12:17 PM
It’s been a long, slow trip to the screen for Pacific Rim 2, the sequel to Guillermo del Toro 2013’s sci-fi blockbuster, and for a while it didn’t look like the movie would happen at all. Back in January, there was even talk that the movie was “off the table indefinitely

John Boyega Says ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Is Darker, Has Bad News For Finn and Rey ’Shippers

by Britt Hayes May 16, 2016 @ 7:54 PM
The Force Awakens was a pretty epic return to the world of Star Wars, and it’ll be interesting to see how Rian Johnson follows it up with Episode VIII. We’ve seen a few set photos (though nothing particularly revealing), but with the sequel not hitting theaters until December 2017, it’s going to be quite a while before we see anything substantial. While John Boyega isn’t at liberty to say too much about Episode VIII, he does offer a couple of pieces of info that should help you manage your expectations.

John Boyega, James McAvoy and More Lead BBC-Netflix ‘Watership Down’ Series

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 28, 2016 @ 9:40 AM
Variety / 42 / Disney
Anyone familiar with Richard Adams’ Watership Down can attest to its grim nature, but an upcoming animated miniseries for The BBC and Netflix at least has a bright outlook on its cast. Not only can Star Wars lead John Boyega and several X-Men count themselves among the new voices, so too can Gemma Arterton and more.

Just an Adorable Video of the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Cast Dancing While Daisy Ridley Raps

by ScreenCrush Staff April 4, 2016 @ 11:16 AM
Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, April 5, and what better way to celebrate than with a dance party?
We’re a little unsure as to the origins of this clip (UPDATE: it’s a secret bonus feature on the exclusive Target...

Rumor: ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Is Getting a Slight Rewrite in Response to ‘The Force Awakens’ Reactions

by Britt Hayes January 19, 2016 @ 6:03 PM
Rewrites are common in filmmaking, especially for big blockbuster films, where there are so many moving parts that filmmakers sometimes need to recalibrate to keep things focused — which makes this rumor about Star Wars: Episode VIII hardly surprising. Rumor has it that Rian Johnson’s screenplay may be undergoing a few minor rewrites as a response to the reactions to The Force Awakens, and while that sentence may trigger an eyebrow raise, you should know that this is totally a good thing — if true.

Harrison Ford Was Paid Over 50 Times More Than John Boyega and Daisy Ridley for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

by Charles Bramesco December 22, 2015 @ 10:42 AM
With the year winding up, it feels like 2015 made hot-button topics out of damn near everything, but the issue of actorly wages was among the warmest-button debates in recent months. Jennifer Lawrence was not at all pleased to learn that her male...