Jonas Cuaron

‘Zorro’ Reboot Casts Gael Garcia Bernal as the Swashbuckling Hero

by Britt Hayes May 9, 2016 @ 5:45 PM
As we learned not long ago, Gravity co-writer Jonas Cuaron (son of Gravity director Alfonso) is set to helm a post-apocalyptic big screen reboot of Zorro, simply titled Z. The long-developing project has officially found its leading man, and it looks like they didn’t have to go very far, as Cuaron has cast Gael Garcia Bernal — who just happens to star in the director’s upcoming border-crossing drama Desierto.

‘Gravity’ Writer Jonas Cuaron to Direct Futuristic ‘Zorro’ Movie

by Britt Hayes February 4, 2016 @ 4:26 PM
A post-apocalyptic-style Zorro film has been in development for a long time now, but it’s so long since we’ve gotten an update on the project that we sort of assumed it just disappeared into the ether, swallowed up by the dozens of post-apocalyptic films that have been released in recent years. That’s not so, as Gravity screenwriter Jonas Cuaron (son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron) has been tapped to helm the futuristic take on the iconic hero, simply titled Z.

‘Desierto’ Trailer: ‘Gravity’ Screenwriter Makes His Debut With an Scorching Border Thriller

by Britt Hayes December 23, 2015 @ 5:31 PM
Jonas Cuaron is the son of award-winning filmmaker and Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron, and is credited with co-writing the screenplay for the elder Cuaron’s breathtaking space drama Gravity. Now the younger of the two is making his directorial debut with Desierto, a sun-soaked thriller that earned largely positive reviews when it premiered at TIFF back in September.

Watch 'Gravity' Spinoff Short Film, 'Aningaaq,' Online

by Nick Romano November 20, 2013 @ 11:34 AM
Warner Bros.
If you've seen Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity,' starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, you'll get a kick out of the spinoff short film, 'Aningaaq.' Revealed back in October, the project was created by 'Gravity' co-writer and Cuaron's son Jonas, giving new light to one particularly emotional scene from the box-office hit. Now you can watch the short in full online right now.