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'Bill and Ted 3' Update: Keanu Reeves Says Financing Is Keeping Us From Seeing This Crazy Sequel

by Britt Hayes October 13, 2014 @ 5:17 PM
It's been a long road to a third 'Bill and Ted' movie, but with stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter both on board for the new sequel and the original writers back with a script, what's been the hold up? Scheduling? Waiting for the right draft of the script? Not so, according to Reeves, who explains that it's something a little more typical: "show business stuff."

'John Wick' Trailer Previews Keanu Reeves at His Best

by Jacob Hall September 30, 2014 @ 2:18 PM
The latest and final 'John Wick' trailer barely even hints at the insane, violent pleasures of the finished film. Keanu Reeves' latest action film premiered to rave reviews at Fantastic Fest last week and for good reason -- it's a totally insane, wildly creative and surprisingly fresh experience that plays to all of its star's strengths and none of his weaknesses. This is the movie that proves that there's still life to be found in the American action film.

'John Wick' Review: Keanu Reeves Is Partying Like It's 1999

by Britt Hayes September 19, 2014 @ 10:00 PM
Keanu Reeves seriously does not get the credit he deserves. Over the years it seems like he's just been accruing knowledge from project to project, figuring out what works for him and what doesn't, and now he's distilled and perfected something that's almost hard to define. Last year he brought the crazy, crowd-pleasing martial arts flick 'Man of Tai Chi' to the Fantastic Fest film festival, and this year he returns with 'John Wick.' It's a ridiculous action thriller in which Reeves plays a former hitman-type out for revenge because some obnoxious Russian gangster's son steals his cool muscle car and kills the puppy his dead wife sent him as a present -- yeah, really.

'John Wick' Trailer: You Killed Keanu Reeves' Dog, Prepare to Die

by Jacob Hall September 12, 2014 @ 12:14 PM
The 'John Wick' trailer showcases what the cool kids have known and will always know: Keanu Reeves is just the best. Even when you place him in the middle of an action thriller that, on paper, sounds tired and played out, he's all you need to get our interest piqued. There is no one quite like Reeves, who has transformed his laid-back, deliberately wooden acting style into an acting style that is entirely his own.

Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich Producing Sci-Fi Virtual Reality Drama 'New Angeles'

by Kevin Fitzpatrick September 9, 2014 @ 3:58 PM
Jason Kempin, Getty Images
We'd recently heard a bit about 'The Matrix' star Keanu Reeves getting in on the TV game with a starring role in Slingshot Global Media's action series 'Rain,' but it seems the erstwhile Neo is taking an even deeper dive into some well-worn territory. Joining Roland Emmerich, Reeves will retreat back into virtual reality to executive produce a new sci-fi series dubbed 'New Angeles.'

See the Cast of 'The Devil's Advocate' Then and Now

by Britt Hayes February 22, 2014 @ 2:06 PM
Warner Bros.
Released in 1997, 'The Devil's Advocate' starred Keanu Reeves as an up and coming lawyer who gets in way over his head when he's poached to work for a major firm in New York and discovers that his new boss (Al Pacino) is Lucifer himself. The film was a major success and helped launch the career of Charlize Theron, who went on to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. 17 years later, we take a look back at the cast of this dark thriller and see what they're up to now.

See the Cast of 'The Matrix' Then and Now

by Britt Hayes February 21, 2014 @ 8:52 AM
Warner Bros.
In 1999, Larry and Lana Wachowski unleashed their inventive feature 'The Matrix,' which followed computer programmer Neo (Keanu Reeves) as he learns that reality as we know it is simply a simulated one created by machines to keep humans under control. Neo discovers he is the "Chosen One" destined to lead a rebellion against the machines and free humans from their oppression. The film was wildly successful and spawned two sequels, an animated anthology, and a video game, and made the visionary Wachowskis a household name. Fifteen years later, we revisit the cast of this beloved contemporary sci-fi classic and see what they're up to now.

See the Cast of 'Point Break' Then and Now

by Britt Hayes January 30, 2014 @ 9:00 AM
Warner Bros.
Released in 1991, 'Point Break' starred Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, an FBI agent who infiltrates a crew of surfing bank robbers in an attempt to bust them, but unwittingly bonds with their leader, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze). The classic action flick was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, way back before she directed 'The Hurt Locker' (which earned her an Oscar for Best Director, making her the first woman to win that award) and 'Zero Dark Thirty.' Twenty-three years later, after a remake has been announced with Gerard Butler succeeding Swayze, we take a look back at the cast of this cult favorite and see what they're up to now.

Watch the '47 Ronin' Animated Prequel, and Get a Taste of the Upcoming Film

by Jacob Hall December 12, 2013 @ 11:20 AM
You've surely seen the trailers for '47 Ronin,' which feature Keanu Reeves teaming up with a bunch of masterless samurai to take on a bunch of supernatural threats. If you saw them and wondered what the heck was going on, you're not alone. Story, at least in the marketing for the film, seems to have taken a back seat to CGI beasties. Thankfully, a new animated prequel to the feature film has arrived to give us a glimpse of what everyone is actually up to in this movie.

'47 Ronin' Clips: Keanu Reeves Faces Monsters and Spiders and Witches, Oh My!

by Nick Romano November 19, 2013 @ 9:49 AM
Keanu Reeves is back in action, only this time he's traded in his black leather 'Matrix' coat for a samurai sword in '47 Ronin.' Ahead of the film's December release, a batch of new clips have debuted online to preview his upcoming journey into the supernatural beyond.