Kevin Spacey

Hand Me the Keys (And ‘The Usual Suspects’ Facts)
You might know that The Usual Suspects title comes from a famous line in Casablanca. But did you know that director Bryan Singer and writer Christopher McQuarrie thought of that title before they had a plot for the movie? They also thought of their movie’s famous poster, with all the main cha…
‘Baby Driver’ Is ‘Mozart in a Go-Kart’ in a New TV Spot
Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is one of our most anticipated movies of the year, every piece of promotional material just gets us more excited. Wright shared a brand-new TV spot today that features plenty of praise from critics along with some crazy new footage and Kevin Spacey, having the time …
What Would the End of ‘Se7en’ Look Like With Farts?
You think you know movies. You definitely know that the critics are raving. Now prepare yourself for ScreenCrush’s latest and greatest series: Movies. (With Farts.) The title pretty much says it all. We take a classic scene from cinema history, and make it a little … funky.

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