Mad Max: Fury Road

‘Mulholland Drive,’ ‘Boyhood,’ ‘Tree of Life’ Top BBC’s 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century List

by Erin Whitney August 23, 2016 @ 10:56 AM
Universal Pictures
If you want to ignite a seething debate on Twitter just publish a list. Last week the #Fav7Films hashtag took film Twitter by storm, and now a new list of the 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century has catapulted another heated conversation into the spotlight.

20 More Recent Trailers With Sad Cover Versions of Popular Songs

by Matt Singer May 12, 2016 @ 9:27 AM
When we talk about a “trend” in Hollywood, what we’re really talking about is someone having a good idea and then a lot of people copying it. When the trailer for The Social Network arrived with a haunting choral version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” it...

Charlize Theron Would Love to Play Furiosa Again in a ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Sequel

by Britt Hayes April 12, 2016 @ 7:35 PM
Warner Bros.
Before you carelessly toss this news in the "obviously" pile, please remember all the reports of tension between Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road — and all the interviews after the film hit theaters, where it seemed like Theron wasn't particularly eager to work on a sequel with George Miller. And while Hardy has signed on for at least two Mad Max sequels, Theron has not, which definitely makes her enthusiastic response to the prospect of playing Furiosa again pretty exciting.

‘Mad Max’ Director George Miller May Be Producing Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’

by Mike Sampson February 26, 2016 @ 2:12 PM
Getty Images
Many years ago, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was deep into development on a Justice League movie. How deep? He had his entire cast — including Armie Hammer as Batman, Common as Green Lantern and Adam Brody as Flash — and was well into rehearsals in Australia. That project wound up getting canceled because of the writer’s strike and Justice League would lay dormant…until this April when Zack Snyder begins filming on his two-part Justice League movie. That film — starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller as The Flash — now has at least one major connection to the defunct Justice League film of 2008: Miller himself, who will return to produce the new version.

Here Are the Nominees for Best American Film at Japan’s Academy Awards

by Charles Bramesco January 19, 2016 @ 10:01 AM
Warner Bros.
It’s a pretty objective assessment that most Americans don’t give half a damn about foreign film. Hardly any imports make it into neighborhood cineplexes, and the films that do score a theatrical run in major cities are lucky if they make enough...

Calm Down, ‘Mad Max’ Director George Miller Says He’s Still Making More Sequels

by Britt Hayes January 14, 2016 @ 5:23 PM
Warner Bros.
Earlier this week, George Miller was quoted as saying that he was done with the Mad Max franchise, which came as a shock to many, especially since Miller has done nothing but talk up Mad Max sequels since before Fury Road even hit theaters. But as several suspected, Page Six had their story wrong, which just goes to show that you should always take their reports with a GIANT boulder of salt.

DGA Nominations Include ‘The Revenant,’ ‘Mad Max,’ and ‘The Big Short’

by Erin Whitney January 12, 2016 @ 1:34 PM
20th Century Fox
We’re in the middle of an Oscar season that’s more unpredictable than ever before, especially following Sunday’s particularly nutty Golden Globes. But in all the unknown, one possible indicator has appeared to (hopefully) make our Academy Awards forecasts a little easier.

George Miller: ‘I Won’t Make More Mad Max Movies’

by Mike Sampson January 12, 2016 @ 12:20 PM
Warner Bros.
Ever since Mad Max: Fury Road opened in theaters this summer, fans have been clamoring for updates on potential sequels. Director George Miller has abided that talk saying that while he wants to shoot a smaller movie first he had planned two additional Mad Max films. That’s the good news. The bad news? Miller now says he has no plans to return to direct any of those films.

National Society of Film Critics Names ‘Spotlight’ Best Film of the Year

by Charles Bramesco January 4, 2016 @ 11:20 AM
Open Road Films
The National Society of Film Critics, a group made up of fifty-three of the most esteemed, elite American film critics, recently convened for their 50th annual meeting to determine the finest films, performances, as well as other assorted creative...