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‘Iron Man 3′ Poster: Is This the New Promo Art?
Marvel is preparing for the much-anticipated 'Iron Man 3' trailer, premiering on October 23 at 12:01 a.m., but there are no shortages of spoilers. We've already seen photos of the updated Iron Man armor and how the Iron Patriot will end up looking through set photos, and some attendees at NYCC 2012 …
‘Hulk’ TV Show on Hold Says Guillermo del Toro
It could be argued that Guillermo del Toro is the busiest man in Hollywood. The writer-producer-director often has several movies in various stages of development at one time, and the state we currently find him in is no different, with 'Pacific Rim' in post-production and various features ('Franken…
‘Iron Man 3′ Set Photos Show Off New Armor
'Iron Man 3' is back filming after a break in production while star Robert Downey, Jr. healed his broken ankle. The film set up South Florida to look like Malibu and Downey, Jr. was back on set, along with the new Mark XLVII and Iron Patriot armor.

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