Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams May Return to the ‘Mid-90s’ to Star in Jonah Hill’s Directorial Debut

by Charles Bramesco January 27, 2017 @ 8:56 AM
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‘But what I really want to do is direct.’ For many dilettante actors hoping to try their hand on the other side of the camera, these have been famous last words, the first omen heralding an indulgent personal project destined for a coolly-received festival debut. But all it takes is a performer with their head on straight and a little filmmaking knowhow to skirt the many pitfalls of the actor-turned-director’s debut. Jonah Hill seems pretty self-aware, he’s got a good sense of humor, and he’s worked with such fine directors as Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and the Coen brothers. The news that he’s preparing his first outing as a director may be cause for optimism.

‘Manchester by the Sea’ Review: Casey Affleck Shines in This Powerful Tearjerker

by Mike Sampson November 18, 2016 @ 7:00 AM
If you tried to describe Manchester by the Sea to someone else it would sound an awful lot like many other indie dramas. Trouble white guy returns to his hometown to care for a relative. But that does not do justice to Kenneth Lonergan’s third...

‘Certain Women’ Review: Three Vignettes Form Kelly Reichardt’s Tale of Montana Women

by Erin Whitney February 1, 2016 @ 11:00 AM
‘Certain Women,’ the latest from Kelly Reichardt based on the short stories of Maile Meloy, is made up of three loosely interwoven vignettes about women living in Montana. There’s a lawyer, a wife and a farmer whose lives are each interrupted by something unexpecte

'Oz: The Great and Powerful' Posters Invite You Down the Yellow Brick Road

by Nick Romano January 25, 2013 @ 12:26 PM
'Oz: The Great and Powerful' is a little over a month away from its theatrical debut, and to keep the energy up for Sam Raimi's 'The Wizard of Oz' prequel, Disney has released a bunch of new posters for the film, highlighting each of the major characters.

'Oz: The Great and Powerful' Trailer From 2013 Golden Globes

by Jacob Hall January 13, 2013 @ 8:51 PM
If you watched this year's Golden Globe awards, you were treated to a new trailer for Sam Raimi's eagerly anticipated 'Oz: The Great and Powerful." If you didn't watch the Golden Globes and want a glimpse James Franco's adventures in the land of Oz, don't fret -- you can watch the footage embedded below!