Salma Hayek

‘Everly’ Trailer: Salma Hayek Has Gun, Can’t Travel
Salma Hayek has appeared in a lot of excellent action films over the year, but more often than not she plays the love interest/sidekick/damsel in distress. The upcoming indie thriller ‘Everly’ gives Hayek the opportunity to take center stage (and an enormous arsenal of weaponry) in ord…
See the Cast of ‘The Faculty’ Then and Now
In 1998, director Robert Rodriguez released the high school horror film 'The Faculty.' Written by 'Scream' scribe Kevin Williamson, the film follows a group of mismatched high school students who must overcome their differences and band together when mysterious alien parasites take over the bodies o…
‘Savages’ Clip: Don’t Mess With Salma Hayek
In Oliver Stone's 'Savages', Salma Hayek plays the ruthless head of the Baja Cartel and you might think it's a stretch to see someone like Salma playing a drug lord. But after you watch this new clip, you will agree: you do not want to f--- with Salma Hayek.

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