Snow Crash

Joe Cornish Is Still Working on ‘Snow Crash,’ Which Could Begin Filming Next Year

by Britt Hayes July 27, 2016 @ 11:46 AM
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images / Bantam
With each passing year it becomes increasingly outrageous that Joe Cornish hasn’t directed a film since 2011’s Attack the Block, the fantastic sci-fi film that introduced us to an incredibly talented up-and-coming director. Cornish’s name has since been rumored for various projects, but only one of them ever seemed to stick: Snow Crash, an adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s acclaimed novel, which Cornish signed on to helm in 2012. We’ve heard next to nothing about the project since then, so we assumed that it might be off the table — and that’s where the good news comes in.

Joe Cornish to Adapt 'Snow Crash'

by Damon Houx June 14, 2012 @ 7:28 PM
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Though it was one of last year's most hyped movies, 'Attack the Block' wasn't much of a performer stateside, so it was hard to know how writer-director Joe Cornish would land. He was supposedly considered for 'Die Hard 5,' but now he has his next gig: Adapting Neal Stephenson's 'Snow Crash' for Paramount.