Star Wars

These Are the George Lucas Facts You’re Looking For

by ScreenCrush Staff August 17, 2016 @ 1:48 PM
He’s famous worldwide as the man who created Star Wars. But did you know when George Lucas was a kid he wasn’t interested in becoming a movie director? Instead, Lucas dreamed of becoming a famous race car driver. A massive car wreck as a teenager nearly killed Lucas and ended those plans. Instead, Lucas went to USC to study filmmaking. That’s just one of the facts featured in the last episode of You Think You Know Movies!

The ‘Rogue One’ International Trailer Reveals New Plot Details With New Dialogue

by Erin Whitney August 15, 2016 @ 4:40 PM
In the first teaser trailer for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,’ Mon Mothma revealed the first details about the movie’s plot: the Rebels were going after the Death Star plans. But the trailer didn’t include Mothma’s full dialogue. Thanks to a new international trailer, we now know who tipped off the Rebel Alliance.

Darth Vader Won’t Return to ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Anytime Soon, If Ever

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 12, 2016 @ 9:22 AM
Lucasfilm / Disney XD
Star Wars Rebels has gifted us similarly high-profile big bads each year, from beating Rogue One to James Earl Jones’ Darth Vader return, to this year’s reemergence of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Don’t expect Vader to have any significant role going forward, however, as Rebels boss Dave Filoni says there’s been “an elected decision to not have Vader around.”

It’s Here! Watch the Official ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer

by Matt Singer August 11, 2016 @ 9:51 PM
“There is a 97.6 percent chance of failure,” one of the characters says in the new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, referring to their scheme to steal the plans for the Death Star. I’m not sure the percentage is that high for the movie itself, but it’s got to be up there. There’s a lot of risk for Rogue One, or at least as much risk as there can be for a Star Wars movie. It’s got to prove that there is life for the franchise beyond the main “saga” films. And it’s got to prove that a prequel can work in Star Wars (previously, it hasn’t always worked out for this property). Even in a galaxy far, far away, those are some awfully big questions.

‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Sets Official September Premiere

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 8, 2016 @ 3:29 PM
Lucasfilm / Disney XD
Those unable to attend Star Wars Celebration in London missed out on the chance to see Star Wars Rebels Season 3 early, but at last, we have a end date for our despair. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 sets an official September premiere, along with a new synopsis teasing the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn.