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‘The Dark Tower’ Adds a ‘Vikings’ Star to the Cast as First Set Photos Arrive

by Britt Hayes 7 days ago
The History Channel
Today brings a few updates on Nikolaj Arcel's adaptation of The Dark Tower. First up, Vikings star Katheryn Winnick has joined the cast in a mysterious role, and given that the screenplay borrows from a few of the books in Stephen King's epic series, she could be playing just about anyone. In addition, some photos have popped up from the set, giving us our look at what could be the official logo, as well as a couple of locations and some cool practical effects.

‘Cell’ Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack Reunite For Another Stephen King Movie

by Britt Hayes April 26, 2016 @ 6:27 PM
Based on the Stephen King novel from 2006, Cell went into production a couple of years ago, but languished in post-production for so long that it’s understandable if you forgot that it exists. The first trailer has arrived to assure you that Cell is indeed hitting theaters soon — well, select theaters, anyway. And judging by this trailer, you can see why this one isn’t getting a wider release.

Warner Bros. Sets 2017 Release Dates for Stephen King’s ‘It’ and ‘CHiPs’

by Britt Hayes April 22, 2016 @ 6:53 PM
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. has announced release dates for two of their upcoming adaptations / reboots, adding both films — along with an untitled mystery project — to their 2017 slate. First up is CHiPs, Dax Shepard’s new action-comedy based on the classic ’80s TV series, starring Shepard and Michael Peña in the leading roles. Next is It, the long-developing and slightly-delayed adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved horror novel, which became the subject of some minor controversy following director Cary Fukunaga’s departure.

‘The Dark Tower’ Casts ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Star Fran Kranz to Serve the Man in Black

by Britt Hayes April 21, 2016 @ 5:46 PM
There have certainly been some interesting choices when it comes to The Dark Tower, with characters from later books in the Stephen King series set to appear in the upcoming film — which is being developed as a potential franchise-starter. That’s a little odd, for sure, but the actual casting thus far has been spot-on, and that continues today with the addition of Cabin in the Woods star Fran Kranz.

Stephen King Hints at Potential Plans for ‘11.22.63’ Sequel

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 17, 2016 @ 5:08 PM
Equal parts electrifying and enigmatic (what baffling performance of James Franco’s isn’t?), Hulu’s take on Stephen King’s time-travel thriller 11.22.63 completed the basic spine of the author’s novel, centered around the assassination of JFK. That said, the limited series’ breakout success wasn’t lost on Hulu or King, who revealed some surprising ideas for a sequel.

‘The Dark Tower’ Adds Jackie Earle Haley as Another Key Villain

by Britt Hayes April 14, 2016 @ 5:51 PM
Production has officially begun on The Dark Tower, the long-developing adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved dark fantasy-western novel series. In addition to Matthew McConaughey as the enigmatic antagonist The Man in Black, the project has cast Jackie Earle Haley in the role of another key villain from the series — one who doesn’t show up until the fifth book, Wolves of the Calla.

Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ TV Series Gets Full Order at Spike

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 14, 2016 @ 12:49 PM
The Weinstein Company
The original story of Stephen King’s The Mist didn’t lend itself to a serialized format (technically, neither did Under the Dome), but that isn’t going to stop Spike from trying. The network has officially greenlit a series adaptation of the King horror novella, eying ten episodes for 2017.

‘The Dark Tower’ Casts Newcomer Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers

by Britt Hayes March 10, 2016 @ 5:41 PM
One of the trickiest roles to cast in an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is that of Jake Chambers, the young boy who meets Roland Deschain during his journey in the first novel and becomes a key figure in the gunslinger’s story — not just once, but twice. He’s an incredibly vital member of the story, but given his age (11), the length of the series, and the impossibility of keeping a kid from growing up, Jake is easily the most difficult role to fill. But director Nikolaj Arcel has done it anyway, casting a relative newcomer in the long-awaited adaptation.

Aaron Paul Encourages ‘The Dark Tower’ Casting Rumors

by Britt Hayes March 8, 2016 @ 7:45 PM
A few years ago, former Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul tweeted that playing Eddie Dean in an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower was a “huge” dream of his. It looks like he might get his wish, as the actor is rumored for the role of Eddie in Nikolaj Arcel’s film based on the epic fantasy book series. Although the casting remains a rumor (for now) Paul’s tweets are really getting our hopes up.

Sony Gives ‘The Dark Tower,’ ‘Bad Boys 3’ and ‘Barbie’ Movie New Release Dates

by Britt Hayes March 5, 2016 @ 12:32 PM
The Dark Tower opening in January felt like a bad sign, given that the first month of the year is typically a dumping ground for less-promising films. Inspiring a healthy bit of optimism, Sony has pushed the release back a month to February 2017, while also shifting dates for similarly long-gestating films Bad Boys 3 and Barbie — the latter of which remains without a director, so we’ll see how long that release date sticks.