The Lucky One

Scott Hicks Interview: ‘The Lucky One’ Director Talks Zac Efron and Romance

by Jennings Roth Cornet April 24, 2012 @ 7:49 AM
Warner Bros.

‘The Lucky One’
marks the latest adaptation of a tale from the mind of famed romantic drama novelist Nicholas Sparks. The first of which was the Kevin Costner/Robin Wright story of tragic loss ‘Message in a Bottle’ and the most popular of which is the Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams tearjerker ‘The Notebook.’
We recently had the opportunity to speak with director Scott Hicks, who takes the helm on this latest endeavor, about working with stars Zac Efron (‘High School Musical’) and Taylor Schilling (televisions ‘Mercy’) in this next phase of their respective careers, the appeal of the Sparks flavor of romance and creating an authentic love story.

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Think Like a Man' Topples 'The Hunger Games'

by Jacob Hall April 22, 2012 @ 4:21 PM
Screen Gems
After a month of domination, 'The Hunger Games' has finally been displaced from the number one position on the box office top ten. Considering its theme of the little guy taking on the establishment and emerging victorious despite the odds, it's appropriate that it wasn't a major Hollywood blockbuster that snatched that spot. Show us someone who predicted that 'Think Like a Man' would win the weekend and we'll show you a certified box office predicting master. Or a liar. One of the two.

'The Lucky One' Review

by Matt Singer April 19, 2012 @ 10:41 AM
Warner Bros.
You can take the guy out of 'High School Musical,' but you can't the 'High School Musical' out of the guy.  Zac Efron might have sprouted a few tattoos and a stubbly beard but he still looks a bit too babyfaced to play a guy like 'The Lucky One''s U.S Marine Sargent Logan Thibault, a 25-year-old veteran of three tours of duty in Iraq.  In theory, Logan suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.  In practice, Efron is just a quiet dude with a surprisingly extensive wardrobe of dark wash denim jeans.
The boyishly handsome Efron may not be the ideal man to represent the struggles of returning Iraq War veterans onscreen, but he's an appropriate one for a film like 'The Lucky One,' a romantic drama based on a novel by Nicolas Sparks, the author of 'The Notebook,' 'Message in a Bottle,' and assorted other films that give men the uncontrollable urge to come with an excuse why they can't take their wives to the movies on Friday night.  Sparks and director Scott Hicks are less interested in the plight of returning soldiers than in the vagaries of fate, destiny, and movie schmaltz.