The Master

Way Back When: Best Actor Nominee Joaquin Phoenix
It's Oscar season, so we're taking you back in time to visit the earlier roles of some of this year's nominees. In today's Way Back When, we look back at the early work of Joaquin Phoenix, who is nominated for his performance in 'The Master.'
‘The Master’ Presents One Final, Long NSFW Trailer
There's been nothing normal about 'The Master's marketing campaign. The film has released clips (many of which were of scenes deleted from the finished film), and had numerous charity screenings, and now - a week after the picture went into wide release - they've released a four …
The Strange Journey of Joaquin Phoenix
With fewer and fewer truly weird mainstream actors out there, it's a bad idea to take the ones we do have for granted. On that note, we look to Joaquin Phoenix, who has proven to be one of the strangest actors of his generation. With his supposedly career redefining performance in Paul Thomas Anders…
‘The Master’ Review
The year is 1950. Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman) has founded a new religious philosophy based on the notion that we can all be free of "past trauma" if we recognize that man is not an animal but rather a soul that lived through trillions of years and thousands of lifetimes. But if…

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