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Weekend Box Office Report: Everyone in the World is Seeing 'The Avengers' Before You

by Jacob Hall April 29, 2012 @ 3:45 PM
Normally, the Weekend Box Office Report tends to shy away from covering the international box office. However, we're making an exception this week, mainly because the domestic box office was hopelessly anemic and 'The Avengers' opened everywhere not called the United States and took in an absolutely absurd amount of cash. Between 39 territories, Marvel's hotly anticipated Superhero Team-Up Extravaganza earned an astonishing $178.4 million, shattering opening records across the globe.

'The Raven' Review

by Jordan Hoffman April 27, 2012 @ 8:18 AM
Relativity Media
“Not the bees!” - Nicolas Cage, 2008.
“Emi-LLLLLLLY!” - John Cusack, 2012.
Picture this. John Cusack and Luke “You Kinda Recognize Me” Evans are chasing clues in the hopes of rescuing Alice Eve's Emily Hamilton, the daughter of society who we know is buried somewhere in a 'Kill Bill'-proof coffin. Evans and Edgar Allan Poe (you know, from 9th grade) address their assembled troops in the dank, dreary and remarkably color-saturated bowels of the city sewer system.
“When I blow my whistle like this,” Evans says, taking a moment to toot on a whistle, “we'll shout her name like this. . .” At which point Cusack, who, I swear was cool at one point in my lifetime, takes a deep breath, conjures his inner-Wiseau and screams “Emi-LLLLLLLLLY!”
And the only people who aren't laughing in the audience are the ones who've already fallen asleep. I'll give it credit for being memorable, unlike everything else in this dumbass picture that is a steaming hot plate of snooze.