Toy Story 4

'Toy Story 4,' while not officially confirmed by Disney and Pixar, has long been rumored for development. Aside from reserving a November 2015 release date for an unspecified movie, Pixar continued the animated franchise through TV specials and shorts, such as 'Toy Story of Terror' for Halloween and 'Partysaurux Rex,' which was attached to theatrical screenings of 'Finding Nemo 3D.' The 'Toy Story' films feature Tom Hanks as the voice of cowboy Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Joan Cusack as Jessie and Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, among others.

  • Release Date: TBD (rumored for 2015)
  • Director: TBD
  • Written By: TBD


  • Cast: TBD
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