Here's a thing we can all agree on: this teaser is terrible. The sequel for ultra low-budget cult fave 'Birdemic' has an official teaser just in time for Comic Con and it unsuccessfully spoofs 'The Avengers.' We hope you've been working those eyeball-rolling muscles.

Yahoo has the teaser premiere for 'Birdemic 2,' which will apparently have a presence at this year's Comic Con for some reason. The teaser doesn't give "fans" (we couldn't say that with a straight face, sorry) much of anything. There's the cast sitting around a table, spoofing the post-credits sequence from 'The Avengers,' where the beaten and battle-weary heroes hilariously and silently chowed down on some Shawarma.

This is exactly like that, but here one young lady asks about Vietnamese food - which is about the only thing we can agree with in this teaser since that stuff is freakin' delicious. We also agree with the end of the teaser -- you know, the part where the teaser thankfully stops happening.

Anyway, here's the teaser for the officially titled 'Birdemic II: The Resurrection,' the follow-up to James Nguyen's 'Birdemic: Shock and Terror.' This time, vultures and eagles attack Los Angeles, in what we assume is a wry commentary on the media... or something.