'The Hobbit' opens in theaters this month and while 'An Unexpected Journey' is the first part of the 'Hobbit' trilogy, we've got your first look at the third installment, 'There and Back Again.' And hey look, Legolas is back!

While Legolas (memorably played by Orlando Bloom in the 'Lord of the Ring' trilogy) never actually appears in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel, director Peter Jackson decided to bring the fan favorite back for his movies. Explains Jackson to Entertainment Weekly:

He’s [elven king] Thranduil’s son, and Thranduil is one of the characters in The Hobbit, and because elves are immortal it makes sense Legolas would be part of the sequence in the Woodland Realm.

Umm OK, that makes sense.

Legolas' role in the film is described as being less than a supporting role but more than a cameo, if that makes sense. But whatever the case, we've got your first look at what Legolas and those dreamy blue eyes will look like in 'The Hobbit: There and Back Again.' Unfortunately you have to wait all the way until 2014 to see him in action.

Check out the return of Legolas below (which you can click to enlarge):