The Wrap Up: The 'Pacific Rim' World is Under Attack in a New Featurette

Warner Bros.

ScreenCrush wraps up the latest in movies and TV you might have missed. Today, learn the history of the 'Pacific Rim' universe, check out some actors who have been horribly typecast and go behind the scenes of a key scene in 'Man of Steel.'

- Learn all about the insane world of 'Pacific Rim':

- Check out the new poster for 'Lovelace,' starring Amanda Seyfried. [Moviefone]

- What are the biggest box office hits from around the world? []

- Nine actors who always play the same character. [Next Movie]

- The 10 best mech games. [Arcade Sushi]

- That car Homer designed on 'The Simpsons' is now a reality. [TheFW]

- Speaking of 'The Simpsons,' how about these sneakers? [Comics Alliance]

- The best of the 'Mad Men' season finale ... in GIFs! [StarCrush]

- The 10 best video game ninjas. [GuySpeed]

- Go behind the scenes of a key sequence in 'Man of Steel':

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