Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige came out on the D23 Expo stage to preview the upcoming Phase 2 offerings, starting with a new look at 'Thor: The Dark World.'

Kicking the presentation off was a screening of brand-new footage from the sequel: A Kronan, a race of giant rock-based creatures, is barreling through a forest, knocking down trees in his wake, chasing a terrified villager. The camera jumps to an action-packed scene in which Thor's band of merry warriors (and one warrioress) does battle against the Dark Elves in an Asgardian(?) village. The rest of the footage, unfortunately, was already shown at Comic-Con 2013 -- including that one highly talked-about moment where Loki betrays Thor -- though there were some additional surprises in store for the crowd.

Tom Hiddleston (who apologized for not coming out in costume as he did during Comic-Con 2013) surprised the audience, and he brought a couple guests with him -- Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins!

In 'Thor: The Dark World,' Portman's Jane Foster is the "fish out of water," as she travels to Asgard for the first time. "I thought she was so beautiful, she belonged in Asgard," joked Hopkins. In actuality, his character, Odin, loathed the fact that his son brought her into his kingdom, saying something to the effect of, "She belongs in Asgard as a goat belongs at a banquet table."

This interaction was shown in a clip, debuted by Feige and the trio of stars, of Jane's first presence in Asgard. She's depicted lying down on a "soul board," or, as she called it, a "quantum field generator" (it basically looks like something you'd find on the 'Star Trek' Enterprise) as her body is scanned for some unknown infection. When soldiers try to touch her, a red beam of light throws them back. "The infection, it's defending her," said one of the nurses. Though, Thor realizes, "No, it's defending itself."

Months ago, we revealed a ton of spoilers that leaked through the woodworks, and now it seems another one is proving to be true after all [SPOILERS AHEAD] that Jane is infected with a dark spirit and it's this reason that she's taken to Asgard and wrapped up in the war against the Dark Elves.

'Thor: The Dark World' is set to debut in theaters this November.