This is one of the most laughably awful endings to a film we've ever seen. The original ending to 'Titanic' featured an elderly Rose sneakily dumping the diamond necklace in the ocean, having carried it with her in secret for all these years. It's kind of a silly ending already, but there's an alternate one that's sillier. In this version, Bill Paxton and Rose's daughter see her standing at the edge of the ship. Fearing that she might jump, they rush down to stop her, only to discover that she's about to drop the necklace Paxton's been hunting for into the water. Rose gives this speech about how life is more important than a necklace and then she lets Paxton hold it for a minute before tossing it overboard. To make things even worse, one of the researchers says, “That really sucks, lady!” See, so there is something worse than Rose letting Jack die.