Yeah, yeah, you got jokes about Tom Cruise’s cinematic running or you’ve got opinions about his wacky beliefs or his love life. I have those too. But think hard and try to come up with a performance where Tom Cruise phoned it in?

He is much more than an action star, but his action endeavors have been some of the more thrilling offerings from the US film market in the 2000s. It is possible that his off-screen life has forced him into more action-oriented roles, but the guy brings 110% to his action films!

The ‘Mission Impossible’ series has incredible elements. And ‘Collateral’ and ‘Minority Report’ paired Cruise with some of cinema’s most exciting action directors. A look at his confirmed future projects tells us we’ll be seeing a lot more of action hero Cruise in the near future, too.

"A nutless monkey could do your job." -– Les Grossman, ‘Tropic Thunder’