This week's episode of 'True Blood,' titled "Let's Boot and Rally" (whatever that means), continues the long-standing tradition of separating itself into smaller shows within a show. Our favorite is the Bill and Eric Power Hour, followed closely by Words of Wisdom with Pam.

Let's take a look at the good, the bad and the worst this week had to offer.


Sookie tries to engage Alcide in a little sorority girl role play by throwing up on him before she can even get the prize out of his box of Cracker Jack. Thankfully Eric and Bill are there to witness it, so here's hoping this has taught them a valuable lesson about ever trying to have sex with Sookie again.

Tara continues to learn how to be a vampire, which means Pam's sarcasm is at an all-time high. Tara has become Pam's punching bag and you know, it's comforting.

Russell looks like Lord Voldemort at one of those weird Bodies museum exhibits.

Scooby Mystery! A female Authority member dug Russell out of the concrete. I'm really digging these Authority folks -- industrious people with conviction.

Everyone on this show needs more of Andy's attitude. "I f---ed a fairy? Well, f--- it."

Bill and Eric seem to be starring in their own show with a real narrative and everything. We look forward to the episode where Eric labels all his food in the fridge and Bill adopts a cat.

Russell is finally back, you guys. He's not looking so good, but that's to be expected. The big cliffhanger this week: Who has been collecting people for Russell to eat?


Lafayette is two sticks of patchouli incense and a Coexist bumper sticker away from opening his own store in a strip mall and starting a fan club for 'The Craft.'

Tara puts on her best club gear and starts working at Fangtasia, accepting her vampire fate like she's in some Madonna empowerment music video.

Sam comes out as a Shifter to Andy, and surprise! No one cares! Sam, try a more shocking revelation next time. We're in Bon Temps. Being a Shifter is like saying you had sex with Sookie. It's not a big deal and everyone's been there.

For a man with such Southern-bred etiquette, Russell leaves his leftovers lying around like a wasteful Yankee heathen. What you think this is, Russell? Connecticut?

It's good to see the smoke monster sound effect from 'Lost' is still getting work.

Farewell, Luna! Sam's slow-motion yelling wasn't enough to keep you from getting shot by masked rednecks.

Jessica befriends Tara and then kicks her ass when she finds her in the bathroom sucking on Hoyt. Jessica could put Tara in her place for any number of reasons, but over Hoyt? In that eyeliner? There are more than five dudes in this town, okay?

Christopher Meloni has one scene this week. Feel free to write a letter to your congressman.


Terry's plot this season is the television equivalent of hitting the snooze button.

Why does anyone in Bon Temps need to ask questions when clearly we're just Googling fire monsters at this point?

Hoyt is making excellent use of that Hot Topic discount.

Jesus has returned as a severed head. Lafayette's mom is just real glad to have company and a paycheck again.