'The Place Beyond the Pines' has quickly become one of our most anticipated films of 2013. Picked up by Focus Features at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend, it looks like we'll be seeing a theatrical release relatively soon. Until then, we've got the first footage from the film. Spoiler: Ryan Gosling eats some fruit.

In Derek Cianfrance's follow-up to 'Blue Valentine,' he reunites with Ryan Gosling for this drama that spans several decades -- the story of a bank robber, played by Gosling, whom Cianfrance describes as a "leader of the pack" type. In the video below, courtesy of Red Carpet News, Cianfrance talks a little about the film and Gosling's character, and we get a little bit of footage from 'The Place Beyond the Pines.'

The film co-stars Ben Mendelsohn, Eva Mendes, Bradley Cooper, Ray Liotta, and Dane DeHaan. You may recall Mendelsohn from the Aussie crime thriller 'Animal Kingdom,' or as the slimy criminal John Daggett in 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Mendes is playing the role of Gosling's girlfriend (that's hard on everyone, believe us), and Cooper plays the cop tracking Gosling down.

Cianfrance (who looks like a balding, older version of Gosling and obviously served as inspiration for his character in 'Blue Valentine') explains that the city of Synecdoche in the Iroquois language literally translates to "the place beyond the pines," and the entire film takes place there, in what he also calls "the small town version of Detroit." Hear what else Cianfrance has to say and watch Ryan Gosling eat some fruit in the video below: